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ALKIOW is the revolutionary product and system made under proprietary development by ND Pharma & Biotech that let you to transform in just seconds regular water into Alkaline Water, at your need, in any place, in any moment and enjoy the benefits and health of drinking living re-structured water whenever and wherever you want.

ALKIOW is The Revolution of Water

So this is why we create this useful dropper that is ready to carry on for everyone. With just 1/2 drops per drink up to 6 drops/litre, you can transform almost any water into Alakline Ionized Water, micro-fragment coloidal solutes contained within and restructuring H2O molecules to the point of changing dead unhealthy water into "living healthy water" for all.

ALKIOW is Alkaline Ionized Water 

Alkiow Photography Art Collection Series by​ CESAR AUGUSTO SANTOS, CASANNOVA.

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